Fast Wash and Go 4C Hair 

 September 26, 2020

Do you have natural hair and want to style it in different ways? Washing, conditioning, detangling and styling natural hair  can be a time consuming chore.  Adding a wash and go option to your arsenal can make living with kinky hair so much easier.  We a quick wash and go option you can achieve the perfect  curls and coils with out spending all day as a wash day.   When you have the right hair care products, hair tools and wash and go tutorial, you can create a nice look.

If you are looking for a 30-minute maximum wash and go style, then you're in luck. There are several styles for you to choose, which will help you cut the hairstyling routine. You are in luck, especially if you have  curly hair or tightly coiled 4c hair.

Wash and gos give you a new look each day and protect your hair from breakage, splitting, or dryness. Are you wondering what its going to take for you achieve a wash and go look with your hair type? 

Of course you're going to need your shampoo or co-wash and a leave-in conditioner, a styling gel product, a spray bottle full of hot water and a blow dryer with a diffuser. We're looking to turn that soaking wet hair into a head full of super defined curls and you'll get the best results if the wet hair has been deep conditioned and you have detangled the hair with your fingers.

People with type 4 hair would love the convenience of a wash and go but we often hesitate because we don't want to end up with a tangled nest of dry hair.  Our type 4c hair can be delicate and soft but it usually has low porosity and is curly; therefore, all you need is a few great hair tutorials and the products listed above to get started.

1. What you need to know before creating a wash and go hairstyle?

Wash and gos require less manipulation, less tools and less time that twist-outs, rod sets or other natural hair styles.  We may all dream of the curls and coils of type 4a hair but even with 4c hair, we can take advantage of a quick wash and go and look great.  As curly girls, we know that every day is a hair adventure and we embrace the many different looks.

Put on your big girl panties and let's get into it!

2. What is a wash and go hairstyle?

If you wear your hair in its natural curl pattern without manipulating it with braids, styling tools like a flatiron or blow-dryer, this is a wash and go. All you need is to wash the hair then style it differently; mostly, the hair should be at least amp hair or soaking wet hair. The most amazing wash and gos are damp or wet set for ease of detangling and manageability.

You will need a few natural products such as shampoo, leave-in conditioner like the Camille Rose Leave-in, styling gel like eco styler gel or extreme wetline gel, and other choice products. They will help you achieve the best final look and boost your confidence. In summary, wash and go styles is all about creativity and improving your looks each day.  You don't have to dry your hair with twists and rods to have defined curls.

However, understand that materials used vary with the hairstyle. Wash and go 4c natural hair varies from others since this requires less water for washing and different conditioners. If you are worried about hair breakage or hair loss due to extensive hair blow-drying, you now have a viable solution. The key to hair growth is often retention of length.  We want to treat our kinky hair well and we'll be rewarded with healthy hair and great looks. 

This process works well for both short and long hair and makes you stand out in the crowd. You are guaranteed healthy hair and creates fast growth for your hair. Use conditioners and shampoos that keep your scalp clean and your hair nourished.

3. Steps to Creating Your Wash and Go Hairstyle

Thorough Washing

Most wash and go styles can be finished in 30 minutes, which entails washing, rinsing, and styling your hair how you like it. This process involves washing your hair and ensuring your hair is wet before proceeding to a style. 

The first step is cleansing and conditioning the mane; start worth a nourishing sulfate-free shampoo and a deep conditioner. These two products come in handy for gentle cleansing. Use your fingers to massage them in and ensure they reach the hair skin (scalp).

Apply Hair Care Products for Wash and Go Styling

You require long-lasting wetness and moisture for natural hair; therefore, using natural products that hydrate your hair like flaxseed gel or aloe vera gel.  Use products that leave your strands refreshed, soft, and with a luminous and moisturized shine.

After washing your hair, you will need to detangle it for practical curl definition.  It is great advice to take care when sectioning your hair and then detangle each hair section with your fingers or wide tooth comb.  While detangling, apply natural hair products bit by bit to achieve a unique look.

Style Your 4b4c Hair

Use styling gel for the third step, which helps with curl definition and hair texture definition. It shapes your natural texture and keeps your hair curl pattern intact all day long. After applying the gel, give it time, maybe ten minutes for the hair to dry. If you have a lot of drips, you can use a hair dryer with a diffuser to speed up the process.

You will realize the difference after applying the gel as your hair starts shining and has a moisturized look. You can use a hair spray to enhance the shine and make your style unique.

4. Secret to Achieving Perfect Wash and Go Hairstyle

If you have naturally curly hair, you can wash it and go to a transformative experience that makes you stand out. You can show your creativity by playing with your hair and manipulating it in various ways. In a few minutes, you can transform your lifeless curls into elongated curls that will look presentable for several days.

4. Our Favorite Wash and Go Hairstyles

The Pineapple

This style is popular for people with medium to long  natural hair, and it involves a few significant steps. You have to brush your curls moving up to the top of your head then secure than in a ponytail. Then fluff the strands, and in the end, your hair will resemble a pineapple shape.

This hairstyle is easy and will save you a lot of time and money. You no longer have to spend time blow-drying your hair. This style makes you stand out among many since its unique and highlights your hair texture.

The Topknot

The topknot hairstyle is very popular and all you need is a few bobby pins, a hair elastic, and a Denman brush. Divide your hair into various sections and apply product like a styling gel then brush upwards toward the crown of the head.  Gather the hair into the elastic and on the last loop, don't pull the hair all the way through.  This creates the knot.  Fan out the know and use the bobby pins to secure any wild ends.  

The Faux Hawk

These styles are trendy, stylish, and effortless and will make your hair stand out in the crowd. Apply an egg-sized amount of hair gel to the sides, then brush your hair towards your hair's middle.  You might divide the hair into 3 or 4 sections and use elastics to gather each section.  Fluff the ends or finger twist some curls with a curl defining gel and allow it to air dry. Apply some edge control gel with a small brush or toothbrush.

The High Puff

Creating a high puff hairstyle will take less than 30 minutes. It works well for people with naturally curly hair. This style requires fewer products, but you will achieve a great look. It's straightforward to master this style and will take a few minutes to finish. It is quite similar to the pineapple mentioned above.

Bottom Line

Wash and go hairstyles save you a lot of trouble, time, and money. You no longer have to worry about going to the salon since there are achievable home styles to apply for your hair. These styles take less than 30 minutes, and all you need is a few bobby pins, conditioner, shampoo, and a few other hair products.

So now you have another alternative to the protective styles like braids and sew-in weaves when we want our hair to look great.  Embrace all the options and make the most of your hair journey.


Loving the journey and the adventure of my 4c hair. I believe that we are not defined by our hair but when it's poppin', it sure feels good.

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